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Costa Rica Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties vs. La Vegas

Costa Rica Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties vs. La Vegas

Does La Vegas have Penthouse Views like this? This one in Jaco is 1/2 the cost on one in Vegas
Las Vegas has always been known as Sin City or “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” With 24/7 parting, high-energy clubbing, gambling, massive drinking and of course adult entertainment it has always been the best place to have bachelor party. Or is it? A bachelor/bachelorette party usually involves debauchery activities – often drinking, gambling and going to strip joints or hiring a male/female stripper; a last farewell to adolescent lifestyle of singleness, to that of a "more responsible" marital life.
Las Vegas is known as the party capital of the world, but in a recent article and Press Release by Bachelor Party Bay, their reservations for booking bachelor parties to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica for the first quarter of 2012, tripled than that of the first quarter of 2011.
Does it surprise me?  No, it doesn't.  We have seen a major increase in emails in the last two years asking about bachelor/bachelorette parties and in in places like Yahoo Answers and other travel blogs and chats.
Why is this? The answer is, “Elementary my dear Dr. Watson” … times have changed!
The "traditional" bachelor/bachelorette party has now become a less raucous and geared towards spending more quality time with friends. Many grooms/brides now prefer to spend those last days with fishing or hunting trips, spa parties, sports events and other male/female bonding oriented activities.
The biggest drawbacks about Vegas, it’s redundant, expensive, lacks recreational activities (unless you like golf) and with its sometimes overbearing heat and very colorless desert environment it forces the partiers to stay indoors. It is a very limited on what one can do. Even at some of the resort pools, space is limited or it cost you a pretty penny to reserve a space.

Does La Vegas have Whitewater Rafting?
However, in Costa Rica the party becomes a friendship bonding atmosphere with its array of adventure, sun, tropical environment, and an unlimited amount of Costa Rica Tours, like sport fishing, golfing, surfing, zip lining and Costa Rica white water rafting. And yes, Costa Rica does offer the same adult atmosphere as Vegas does, drinking, gambling and many strip clubs.  So it is understandable why Costa Rica is becoming the Ultimate Destination for a Costa Rica Bachelor  Party. Okay, so the big question is, “How Expensive?” -  it all depends on, “What do you want for your dollar?” And, “How memorable do you want it?” Let’s put this in perspective, Las Vegas vs. Costa Rica.

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Jaco Beach Nightlife
Jaco Beach is very well known for the beauty of its beaches lush nature and outdoor adventure, but also well recognized as a great party destination, the nightlife in Jaco downtown is very active every night, each bar has its main event different days of the week allowing you do to something fun every night, live music, awesome Djs, party events, ladies nights, surf contest parties and lots of fun! Places like Los Amigos, Backyard Bar, Le Loft, Morada Haze, Monkey Bar, Orchid Room, Plankton and many other a re just some of the options that you can try Visit our website COSTA RICA BACHELOR PARTY JACO and find out why to arrange you party event with us your VIP access in Jaco Beach.

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Costa Rica Bachelor Party Jaco

Costa Rica Bachelor Party Jaco welcomes you to the headquarters of the Experts Costa Rica Bachelor Party Planners, our Concierge Services will make your event an extraordinary and unforgettable Memory.
Let us do the all the work, Costa Rica Bachelor Party will arrange it for you, we understand the importance of every detail, our groups enjoys and parties like is going out of style.
Costa Rica Bachelor Party Jaco offers you a wide range of services, starting by planning all the fun in the sun ending when we shake your hand at the departure gate.

Costa Rica Bachelor Party Experts


Getting married? Is it time to surprise your friends with a bachelor party in tropical COSTA RICA? You just got divorced and wish to celebrate with your friends? Simply Allow Costa Rica Bachelor Party Jaco to make arrangements for a night out in Jaco Beach, No better Place for your event.

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